The Silverman Lab
University of Massachusetts Medical School
Division of Infectious Disease, Department of Medicine

Exploring the Mechanisms of Innate Immune Signaling

Imd signaling pathway

Welcome to the Silverman Lab web site.

The goal of our lab is to decipher the molecular mechanisms responsible for transmitting a signal from the site of infection to the nucleus of an immune responsive cell. We are interested in how pathogens are recognized, how related signaling pathways maintain specificity, and how various signals are integrated to produce the proper response. Using the fruit fly, Drosophila melanogaster, as a model system of innate immunity, we aim to understand the molecular mechanisms controlling these processes. A more detailed description of our work is available on the Official UMass Faculty Page.

This site provides links to our publications and supplemental data, as well to our lab protocols and to information about the lab members and their projects.