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Melissa Moore and the Moore Lab Members are broadly interested in post-transcriptional gene regulation in eukaryotes via mechanisms involving RNA and RNA-protein (RNP) complexes.

Our research centers on pre-mRNA processing and large RNA-protein (RNP) complexes.  We study their basic structures and functions as well as their contributions to human disease.  Current areas of investigation include: (1) single molecule analysis of spliceosome assembly; (2) messenger RNP (mRNP) structure and function; (3) RNP egress by nuclear envelope budding; and (4) development of novel therapeutic approaches targeting RNA-based processes.  Enabling these studies, our research spans the disciplines of cell and molecular biology, biochemistry, chemical biology, biophysics and bioinformatics.

Snapshots of the U1 snRNP binding a surface-tethered pre-mRNA in yeast whole cell extract.  Each spot represents a single U1 snRNP that has been fluorescently labeled using a chemical tagging system with a Cy3-trimethoprim conjugate.