Dengue virus infected HUVEC Dengue Virus Induces Novel Changes in Gene Expression of Human Umbilical Vein Endothelial Cells
Rajas V. Warke, Kris Xhaja, Katherine J. Martin, Marcia F. Fournier, Sunil Shaw£, Nathaly Brizuela‡, Norma de Bosch‡, David Lapointe¶, Francis A. Ennis, Alan L. Rothman and Irene Bosch* Center for Infectious Disease and Vaccine Research and Department of Medicine, Department of Cell Biology¶, University of Massachusetts Medical School. Worcester, MA 01655. Dengue Research Program, Banco Municipal de Sangre, Caracas, Venezuela‡. Brigham and Women's Hospital, Vascular Research Division, Department of Pathology, Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA 02115£

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  • Figures and Tables
    • Figure 3 (expanded). Cluster diagram of Dengue-infected HUVEC cell gene expression patterns
      • Enhanced version of Figure 3 includes identities of all 395 differentially genes. [View cluster]

    • Figure 5. Expression levels of Differential Display genes during DV infection timecourse determined by microarray analysis.
      • Graphical representation of the expression levels of the DD-identified genes during a D2V infection timecourse in HUVECs. Gene expression levels are organized by hierarchical cluster analysis (dChip) and are normalized to the geometric mean of the four control (media alone) samples. Color key shows fold differential expression. . [View cluster]

    • Table 6. Functional classification of Cluster I and II in HUVECs infected with D2VNGC
      • Individual gene identities of Table 6.[View table]
For full viewing of the 395 differentially expressed genes, their expression profiles, and all significant clusters, this data file can be imported to dChip gene expression software [Cheng Li and Wing Hung Wong Model-based analysis of oligonucleotide arrays: Expression index computation and outlier detection, 2001 Vol. 98, 31-36.].

The dChip software is publicly available at .

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